About Us

Trusted By Industry Leaders.

Choosing organic is just that, a choice. A choice for you, your health, your
environment, your contribution to the future; It’s such a beautiful feeling to know
that you are making a difference in your life and the things around you. A GREAT
choice if you ask us!

Specializing in Hair Since 2013.

The Hive Organic Salon is an organic color concept salon focusing on the health and beauty of the client as well as the stylist. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service and delivering beautiful results to everyone. With beauty trends constantly evolving we stay on the forefront by educating ourselves as well as the client.

Our Promise:

  • Healthy hair
  • Perfect blend of beauty and wellness in a toxic free environment
  • Guaranteed to listen to music you want to get up and dance to

How the salon concept came about:

Laura worked as a stylist for many years in a traditional salon environment, not feeling any effects on her health.

She was also a marathon runner completing several marathons throughout Southern California. In 2012, she was doing her thing, running the LA Marathon and after mile 20 started having breathing issues, but continued the race, as she was not aware that the problem was she was having an asthma attack.

She finished the race and immediately went to see her doctor to see what had caused this, after running some tests, that’s when he informed her she had developed Asthma. He also informed her that due to her profession of 15 years as a hairstylist using conventional hair color she would have to find another way to earn a living if she didn’t make significant changes.

And that’s exactly what she did! She surrendered all of her comforts she had built her career on, she became committed to finding products that were not only good for her but also good for her clients. She immersed herself in education to find what best suited her clients needs and discovered that not only were there no fumes or burning scalps from ammonia, the results of the hair were shiny, strong and healthy.

8 years later and now offers several different color lines, she has created an environment that everyone, including herself, her clients and her team is happy and healthy in.


Why Choose Organic

We are a full service hair salon committed to ensuring the best salon experience for you and your hair. We are proud of our contribution to health and wellness not only in the hair world but also the environment.

We have partnered with the industry leaders and proudly use and offer products that are ammonia, PPD, PTD and resorcinol free. Using only products that are not animal tested and PETA approved.

Not only are we committed to conserving our environment, we are 85% sustainable and use 65% less water and energy with the ECOHEAD water filtration system.

Soft and Gentle

Because the incredients are not chemical based, they will not irritate and dry out your scalp

Color Safe

Organic shampoo does not strip the colour out of hair, but it enhances the shine. 

Safe to Use

No risk of injesting or absorbing harmful chemicals!

“When you walk in, everyone is friendly, which is a nice change from some of the stuffy salons I’ve been to before. Best part is they are eco-conscious and the place doesn’t stink like chemicals! I got a color and major cut (whole new style actually) by Laura.”

“It took me years to find the right salon, and right stylist. I had a really good one once but she moved and I was lost for a long time trying to find someone who didn’t charge an arm and a leg. And understood color. I found The Hive. I found Laura. So grateful!”

“This place is great! I’m typically not a person who cares about organic products but not having the chemical smell and sometimes irritation from regular dye is great. My hair feels and looks so much healthier.”

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